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At SIRIUS advokater, we deliver professionalism and expertise at eye level with our clients. Across various legal fields, we leverage our extensive experience and knowledge to address our clients' challenges professionally, efficiently, and ethically. Our approach is built upon a broad portfolio of highly specialized expertise with many years of experience both in Denmark and abroad, which we translate into valuable and sustainable solutions for our clients.


We are a workplace that embraces smiles and individualism, actively engaging in societal discourse. We believe that professionalism and compassion go hand in hand. Through mutual respect, we aim to be responsible contributors to society and best meet our clients’ needs.



SIRIUS advokater aims to provide precise and specialized guidance to our clients. At the same time, we are committed to offering the best possible assistance in handling disputes.

We seek to attract the most talented employees by being the industry's premier workplace—a place where individuals engage with clients, the community, and each other with a smile and a shared set of values.


SIRIUS advokater is a modern law firm with specialized employees. In close collaboration with our clients, we address their challenges with practical and comprehensive solutions, placing a strong emphasis on clear communication of expectations and maintaining transparency throughout our efforts.


1. We are a specialized firm dedicated to delivering high-quality counseling. If a matter falls outside our legal expertise, we refer it to other lawyers. This ensures that each matter is entrusted to professionals with the competence in resolving the particular matter involved.

2. Before starting an assignment, we carefully analyze and define our clients' needs. This helps us create accurate and effective solutions.

3. We are transparent about the scope, price and conditions of our legal advice, and we make sure our clients feel we are easy to get in touch with.

4. Competence, independence and ethics are fundamental principles of our firm. We do not believe in quick fixes. We work hard to deliver sustainable, long-term solutions.

5. We actively engage in the public debate and in political work for our industry. We write articles and offer our expertise for student training. We do this because we believe it is part of being a responsible lawyer.

6. We enjoy working with each other and we have fun together. Our aim is to extend the camaraderie and positive energy we share internally to our clients.

7. We believe the most qualified employees are attracted to a challenging and professional environment. We work as a team and see our diversity as a strength.

8. We offer our employees flexible working hours and assignments that suit their life situation, education and interests.

9. We do pro bono work on selected cases.

10. We take pride in the fact that our life is about more than work. It is also about family and being a productive member of society. You can find us mowing the lawn, on the football pitch, in the forest, at the art museum, and on the school board.

Read more about our corporate social responsibility (CSR)


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