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SIRIUS advokater offers, with SIRIUS procurement, three different solutions to facilitate your work as a contracting authority.

Read more below and contact us at for questions and more information and prices.

Solution 1 – SIRIUS Procurement:
This solution is for the contracting authority who needs a tendering platform that supports all phases of the tendering process. This is achieved by using SIRIUS Procurement, which is based on the popular and reliable procurement platform EU Supply.

With this solution, we set you up as a user in the system, SIRIUS Procurement. Through the portal, you can electronically process your tenders without the need to invest in your own electronic tender system or allocate time and resources to training.

You will thus quickly start structuring and carrying out your next purchase.

Solution 2 – SIRIUS Procurement and free access to standard paradigms:
With this solution, we offer free access to SIRIUS procurement as a tendering portal for carrying out your tendering business, as described under "Solution 1".

In addition, you get access to, and can freely use, the paradigms prepared by SIRIUS advokater, which include, among other things:​

  • Standard tender conditions

  • Templates for standard contracts and annexes

  • Standard letters for use in the tender process, including templates for award and rejection letters, evaluation notes, etc.

By using this solution, you will thus receive both legally quality-assured templates as well as standard documents and a completely online system that consolidates everything in one place, thereby allowing you to manage the entire procurement process.

Solution 3 – SIRIUS advokater handle the tender process from start to finish:

With this solution, you receive a full outsourcing of the procurement process to SIRIUS advokater. SIRIUS advokater are responsible for drafting the procurement documentation, conducting the procurement process in SIRIUS Procurement, engaging with the tenderers, including responding to inquiries, evaluating of the tenders, and communicating with tenderers. All of this is, of course, done in collaboration with you as the contracting authority, and your input is necessary for technical documents, specification requirements, and selection and evaluation criteria.

With this solution, SIRIUS advokater ensures strategic management of the procurement process and guarantees legally sound solutions. As the costomer, you can rest assured that you are in capable and secure hands, with a focus on process, results, and legal compliance.

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