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Aleksander Pilgaard

Specialist Attorney

Practice area

Associations and Foundations - Charity Law
Public regulation - Environmental law - planning law
Litigation and arbitration


Phone (+45) 88 88 85 57 Mobile (+45) 51 99 85 57 Email ap@siriusadvokater.dk


Since 2001 Aleksander Pilgaard has worked with the law of foundations (both commercial and non-commercial foundations), public legal aid and leave to appeal in many different areas of law, both civil and criminal cases, but with emphasis on civil procedure issues.

Beforehand Aleksander has been employed at the Copenhagen City Court, particularly the enforcement court. Here he conducted a large number of foreclosures of rental properties and other commercial properties. Parallel to his employment in city court Aleksander has been affiliated with Revisornævnet (the auditor board) where he was responsible for the preparation of cases on auditor violation of generally accepted auditing standards.